Spotify Playlists


The Long Road Ahead (An indie electro mix)

The perfect playlist of indie electro, indie pop and indie rock from the best rising artists from around the world. Give this a listen on your next road trip or work commute to get your day started in the right way. Enjoy!


Sensei's Gaming Mix (EDM/Future Bass/DnB)

The true gaming mix for Rocket League, Fortnite, Overwatch or whatever else you're playing! Jam it on your Twitch stream and shout us out - we'll do the same!


HipHop Caviar

This is the prime selection of the best new hiphop from around the world. Featuring emerging artists as well as the some new shit from familiar legends. Lyricism and flow. Dig in!


Smooth S#*T

The 40 year bourbon of tasty jams for you to sip on. Featuring all kinds of genres - this is the playlist for the connoisseurs of the worlds finest vibe worthy tunes. Hiphop/indie electro/RnB/EDM. Enjoy!