One of the hardest decisions to make in life.. At least for me.

There comes a time in everyone's life that you have to decide to move on! You have to let go of the little people in your life that hold you back from the person you want to be. Personally, this is very hard for me. Let me explain:

The people in my life who I know need to go are the ones that have been there for 8 years! We've been through everything together, and their support is undeniable. However, today is not yesterday.  Let me repeat:


Time changes, the economy changes, people change, and more importantly; YOU CHANGE! The way life works is that you make mistakes, you learn, and you grow. At least that's how it should be.

Let me paint the perfect picture. My roommates/above-stated-friends brag about video games, getting wasted, and how many girls they sleep with. My family, just today, challenged me via Fitbit for a step-challenge and I ran 6 miles today to win the competition.

Do you see why you need to get losers out of your life? Do you understand the difference of a negative and positive influence?? Ultimately, everything is your decision, but bad influences do indeed alter your mindset and even your morals and ethics. 

It's been said many times before, too:

"If you want to succeed in life, you have to get the losers out of your life" -Les Brown
"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with." -Jim Rohn
"I spend 33% of time with people I want to be like, 33% of time with people like me, and 33% of time with people I don't want to be like." -Tai Lopez

It's very hard, I know. Especially when you can't avoid certain people. I live with these roommates and they work for me. You have to learn to associate enough without letting them influence you.

Keep in mind that a friendship is like a relationship. They end and you'll move on. The mind and heart of human beings works to bring yourself back to equilibrium, so have faith that even if you have to break ties and it's hard, you're helping yourself out and better people will come into your life.

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