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Get ready for some real 先生Sensei shit...

Since this blog site is called 先生Sensei, we figured we should probably put some real 先生Sensei original content on here from time to time from . So here's the time where I get to tell my story a little bit and 5 key things that I learned in the process of becoming the person I wanted to be.

The 5 Key Things

1. Know YOUR 'why'

When I just turned 18, my life was flipping up and down with my jobs, girlfriends and family life. I remember days where I would pray to whatever was listening. Desperate for information to progress in my life... but not in what everyone else wanted me to progress in. Everyone that I knew, was going to college. Almost always aiming for the highest paying career that they could stand doing for 40 years. So just like everyone else, I went to college. I decided I wanted to do psychology, then after a semester, redecided on computer sciences. It was here that I was introduced to my first 'mentor', a young kid named Josh, that was ambitious as all fucking get out and also someone that I was immediately drawn too for that exact quality.
I WANTED that quality... hell; for all points and purposes. I NEEDED it! and I thought that if I just got close enough to him, then I could understand him. That I could absorb that insane work ethic and personal drive. So I made a point to do so. And here leads me to my first key point, knowing YOUR 'why'.

See, Josh in a weird way, was exactly what I was praying for. I was praying for someone... something to guide me. Just to put me on the right track. Josh told me the first week I met him about his vision for his life. It was so detailed; so enthralling to listen to. It captivated me to say the least. He had a clear vision of what he wanted life to be like, no 'maybe'.. no 'but' or 'if'. Just his life and his plan of action. He used to tell me to push myself and really strive for what I, not other people, wanted for my life. Josh asked me everyday to tell him 'why' I was here, why I was going to be the one that would rise up among sheep. It made me question every crevice of life, from the person I wanted to be to the person I knew I was becoming. The two big questions. Was I living to please other people in my life? Was I afraid to express my hopes and opinions because people may turn them down? the answer to both; was yes. So I redefined how I saw myself; I would no longer be fragile to the random circumstances of life. I would face them head on and with a smile on my face because I was alive and I had the ability to make a positive difference. And in not just my own life, but the people around me lives. That became my 'why', everyday I would wake up with the intention of making the world a better place. To give back to the people and community that raised all of us. We can be great and my goal is help everyone realize it as much as possible. There really is no limit to the amazing potential of humanity and we can all make a difference.

2. Nothing happens overnight

Now once I made this decision, I was immediately ready to dive head into my new challenge. I wasn't exactly sure where to start though. I did however expect the change to be nearly instantaneous... like an idiot. I thought I would be uber-millionaire-man in less then a year. To my surprise, I wasn't any closer financially a year in then when I started. Which infuriated the fuck out of me. I underestimated the growth I would need to go through and that leads me to key point number two.

Nothing! and I do mean NOTHING happens over night. It may seem that way, but people get praised in public for what they do in private for years. The microwave thinker age is upon us and I admit that even I hate slow internet and if my food isn't heated all the way through after 5 minutes. I totally get it. Yet, I acknowledge that it's dumb way of thinking. Doctors have to go through years of schooling and for damn good reason! No one wants to be cut open by someone who doesn't know what they are doing. I can't read for 5 minutes on brain surgery then throw on some gloves and start sawing skulls up. It takes time! Now apply that same theory to entrepreneurship, I would have to study for years to be an expert in the field. What a lot of people don't know is that entrepreneurs usually have to face ridicule from close family and friends for making risky decisions. They have to challenge themselves and their beliefs. They have to break down fears and insecurities. They have to hone their craft for years and then everyone says, "Damn, he came out of nowhere..."

3. Practice makes permanence

I've done massive research on successful people for nearly the last 4 years and let me be clear here, my definition of success back in the beginning was someone making almost sickening amounts of money. My definition of success now, is about being spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially super-stable. But, I remember being naive and thinking money is the only thing that mattered back in those days. So, I modeled peoples mindset first. I wanted to know what 'successful' people were thinking throughout their days. People like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs. All very alpha male personalities. Eventually after a few months of researching and studying upon the topic, I was introduced to the name Tony Robbins through my new 'mentor', an early 20's man named Nick. Nick gave me one of T. Robbins books called Awaken the Giant Within to read. I don't really think he had anything particular in mind when he handed me that then huge novel. I don't think he knew it would alter my whole perspective on life. Key point number 3.

You know the saying, 'practice makes perfect'? Well, I'd like to propose a little twist on it. 'Practice makes permanence'. See, Tony Robbins is a legend. Most people know who he is if you've studied personal development at all. He's mentored thousands of people to become more successful in life and he was the first one I heard this from, technically. I heard it years later in word-for-word context from a man named, Eric Thomas. Eric is an amazing speaker, I recommend checking out his videos on YouTube if you don't know who he is. Back to this whole thing. Perfection means you have no more room to grow, permanence means retainable and lasting knowledge or ability. Not only is it arrogant but perfection is not something I want. I always want to be better then the day before. Not perfect and the same. Always progressing forwards, always looking for the next challenge. This is what Tony Robbins really taught me, that even though I could be an expert, there was always going to be room for improvement. I just had to practice to make my abilities as permanent as possible so I could keep progressing further and further. 

4. Life gives zero fucks

Life is amazing. It's beautiful and dynamic, yes, but it's also dark and painful at times. Remember the Rocky speech? "It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can GET hit and keep getting up, and keep moving forward!" That speech affected millions of people. It made them feel invincible and ready to take on any challenge. But the problem is that not everyone watched that movie 28 times in a row over 28 days and made it a habitual thought for themselves. Key point numero 4.

Life gives zero fucks about whether or not your day goes well. Life is forever moving and changing. It is unbiased to your or my own opinions and it's always on time with everything. Good or bad. For every great feeling, there is an equal horrible one. For every great gain, there will be a terrible loss. Whether that payment be in time, money, friendships, emotions... etc. The only real thing we can do is do the best we can to react positively to bad stuff in life. Every time you get knocked down, learn to pull yourself out of the gutter ALONE. Learn to do it with others as well but it's an invaluable skill to not be emotionally dependent on another person. You have to know that happiness is optional. You have to be able to tell yourself and believe on faith, not logic, that everything is going be okay. Life is going to knock you on your ass and taunt you. Just remember to get up and keep moving.

5. 'Family' is what really counts

I've had the pleasure of meeting amazing people in my life and surrounding myself with the best of them I can find. So in this instance, 'family' is more directed at the inner circle of friends and others that you hang out with the most. Notice that if you hang around certain people, you start to talk about certain things. You start to make right around the same money. You start to do the same activities. You even start to think the same. Isn't that crazy?

Think about that in good terms. If you hang around people that are going where you want to go in life, and you're more likely to get to your goal. BUT, if we flip that, hanging around people that oppose your goal will put you farther away from obtaining it. Ever heard, "you are the average of the 5 people you are around most"? Those 5 people.. your inner circle, are the most crucial part of your development in whatever direction you want to take your life. If you want to be a painter then hang around painters. If you want to be a millionaire, then hang around millionaires. I wanted to change the world, so I started hanging out with world changers. I'm not saying throw all your friends to the curb just because they want something different, but limit your time with them. See them on weekends every once and while for a drink or something social. Keep in touch and maintain friendships but please, realize that they have dreams too so if your not on the same path; it's okay. Life will go on. You can still cheer them on as they shoot for the stars, and in return, I promise they will cheer you on too.


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