Lindsey Stirling Returns With Stunning Visuals Off Her Latest Album…


Today on Sensei's Music Blog, we get to help showcase the newest music video from iconic violinist Lindsey Sterling for her track 'Artemis' - a stellar visual that perfectly encompasses the audible magic that she has been able to create on her latest full length album that shares the same name. Being her fifth full-length album, Artemis, the platinum-selling electronic violinist, dancer, artist, and author once again conjures the spirit of innovation that initially distinguished her back in 2010. However, she approaches this latest chapter with perspective and wisdom accrued from her historic decade-long journey.

"When I first started writing music, I was burned out on playing classical the way it had been played for hundreds of years," she admits. "I loved violin, so I wasn’t going to quit. I figured out how to make the violin fit me rather than make myself fit the violin. I loved dubstep, electronic dance music, rock, and movie scores. I experimented by melding them into my own style. There was something magical about it, because I didn’t follow any rules. Since then, I’ve certainly learned the rules. But for Artemis, I decided to give myself permission to break them like I would have at the beginning of my career."

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