Electro Pop Artist Dirty Chime Drops Crazy New Music Video…


Today on Sensei's Music Blog, we get to help showcase the sweet new release 'Fifty One Fifty' by Dirty Chime - a stunningly poignant Electro Pop track that fringes along the lines of R&B. This song comes with a remarkable video that pairs all too well with the feelings that the beat and vocals give off, bringing life to the lyrics. 'Fifty One Fifty' features some attractive bass lines and Hip-Hop influenced beats that will have your head bobbing up and down the whole time you listen to this insanity.

Dirty Chime says, "Lovers call each other crazy all the time. But what if you're actually crazy? And were you crazy to begin with, or did something drive you into the madness? Fifty One Fifty is meant to be an exploration of insanity, both fancied and real."

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