Harrison Sands And Tyler Coolidge Team Up On Wavy New R&B Jam…


Today on Sensei’s Music Blog, we get to help showcase the newest track from Harrison Sands entitled ‘Open Doors’ featuring Tyler Coolidge - a smooth R&B jam that’ll hit you just right between its hazy production and sultry lyrical presence. Harrison spoke on the tracks humble beginnings by saying, “Before writing anything, we "e-sat down" in iMessage, and really tried to hammer out what precisely we were both trying to convey in this song. What were the specific and detailed feelings, which scenarios we were exploring, whether they were from personal experience or not, and which mood we were trying to hit.

We established the concept of hanging out with a girl/guy/whatever, that you know there’s mutual interest there with, but you both just haven’t gotten over that first hump (so to speak) of “who makes the first move?” / “is it time to make a move? / “do you want a move to be made?” / etc. Every guy has experienced that whole mental olympics, especially one that cares about female consent, respect, and just a strong woman in general. This song is not necessarily the story of a dude who’s afraid to sack up and take charge, but one who’s simply weighing the risks of putting himself out there and taking a blow to his ego, vs. the reward of an intimate relationship with this woman, in real time as things are happening. It really is a plea for the woman to take charge, and remove any and all doubt from the situation, because consent is sexy, and a topic that many men could use a lesson in.”

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