Pop Artist Madison Beer Unveils Moody Yet Catchy New Single With Visuals…


Today on Sensei’s Music Blog, we get to help showcase the newest single and pairing visuals from Madison Beer entitled ‘Dear Society’ - a catchy single off her debut album, due out this summer. The track was co-written by Madison, is accompanied by a vintage, yet futuristic video, co-directed by The Young Astronauts and Madison. Shot with a grainy, vintage aesthetic, the video mix’s elements of cult thrillers and psychological horror as it subtly shares the songs deeper message about the harmful effects of societal pressure.

Madison explains the influences on the track by saying, “’Dear Society’ is my letter to our culture expressing the pressure I feel from everyday life in today’s world. I know this is such a common struggle for so many people in my generation and I want this song to be an anthem for my fans so they know they are not alone; we are all in this struggle together.”

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