The Modern Strangers Unleashed A Funky Indie Electro Jam…


Today on Sensei’s Music Blog, we get to help The Modern Strangers return with the release of their bewitching, disco infused new single ‘Magic Hour’ - which is a funky track with an enchanting vocal melody and infectious bassline. The brand new track comes hot on the heels of touring the UK in support of Flor for the second time.

Speaking about the new single, The Modern Strangers explain, “We wrote the song whilst on a trip to L.A. It was the day England played Columbia in the World Cup and after that tense penalty shoot out we took the adrenaline into a home studio in Silver Lake and recorded 'Magic Hour'. It was also our lead singer (Max's) birthday. The combination of so much excitement resulted in one of our favorite songs to date! We feel it really captures our trip and the emotions we had during that time. We wrote the entire song that day, and finished it off in the UK.”

Lastly, if you’re diggin’ what The Modern Strangers are up to - make sure you throw them a follow on their social media and stay up to date with their work. These guys are a fantastic group and we are sure to be hearing more from them in the upcoming months, so don’t be daft and miss out on any audio goodies. You’ll find everything you need and the stream to ‘Magic Hour’ down below! Enjoy!

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