Joel Ansett Returns With Smooth R&B Jam…


Today on Sensei's Music Blog, we get to help show off this masterpiece of a track 'Cadillac' by Joel Ansett - which is yet another astonishing R&B/Soul jam that slaps you in the face with a very appealing bass line, and intriguing beat that pulls you deep into its warm depths. Joel's alluring vocals make you drift in and out of thought in the most peaceful way. This song has a very specific tune and timing to it that comes from the original creation of the song, sitting at a red light listening to the rhythm of the turn signal and singing over it.

Joel states, “[I] wanted to capture all those thoughts and emotions, I tried to write lyrics that were vague and specific at the same time." And he really did it, he pulled the lyrics together masterfully. Listening to 'Cadillac' you get deep into you're thoughts, but can't quite stick to them as they flow around like the rhythm of the song.

Lastly, if you're flowing with Joel Ansett - make sure to drop him some thoughts in the comments section and follow him on his social media links to stay updated with his work as it drops. We are excited to be hearing more from him soon, and you really wouldn't want to miss out on anything that's coming up. You'll find everything you need and the stream to 'Cadillac' down below! Enjoy!

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