(Nu)Disco Crew Patawawa Drops Groovy Single Off New EP…


Today on Sensei's Music Blog, we get to help showcase one of the newest releases from fan favorite Patawawa entitled 'Never Been Better' - which is one hell of a funky jam and stays true to the iconic sound we know them for. They are breaking the mold a little bit with thsi tracks elcetic energy that sounds-off a bit more than their last 'Bedroom' EP. 'Never Been Better' is fresh off their recently released 'London, Paris, New York, Matlock' EP and is just a glimpse into the great sound they've procured for the project. Go take a listen it in full on their soundcloud when you get a chance.

Lastly, if you're diggin' what Patawawa is up to - make sure you go throw them a follow on social media links and stay up to date with their work as it drops. We are sure to be seeing them on a tour or shooting music videos soon so don't don't be daft and miss out on any goodies. You'll find everything you need and the stream to 'Never Been Better' down below! Enjoy!

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