16 Piece HipHop Band The Urban Renewal Project Drop Killer Track…


Today on Sensei’s Music Blog, we get to help showcase the newest release from 16-piece hiphop band The Urban Renewal Project entitled ‘Red Eye’ - which is a dark banger with some sly verses from long time collaborator Elmer Demond, newcomer Slim da Reazon and the band’s once-and-future bassist Dustin Morgan, a.k.a. Yung Jinja. ‘Red Eye’ is from their forthcoming EP titled Love Glory Duty Death and was inspired by the bands tour to Indonesia where they performed at Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta. Demond and Slim weave those Southeast Asian experiences together to paint a picture of late nights on the road with The Urban Renewal Project.

Demond reveals, "We met some amazing people over there, and I studied with some local gamelan musicians and worked with them to record on authentic balinese instruments for elements of this track ('gamelan' is the local bahasa word for the Indonesian traditional orchestra)”.

Lastly, if you’re diggin’ what The Urban Renewal Project is up to - make sure you throw them a follow on their social media links and stay up to date with their work as it drops. We’ll probably be hearing more from them in the upcoming weeks so don’t be daft and miss out on any audio goodies that are on the way. You’ll find everything you need and the stream to ‘Red Eye’ down below! Enjoy!

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