Jeremy Zucker’s New Track Proves That He Is On His Rise…


“Growing up in suburban New Jersey, 22-year-old singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker has always been surrounded by music. As a child, he took piano and guitar lessons and formed a band with two friends from elementary school. By high school, he was writing lyrics and producing songs for other people. Eventually, Zucker recorded a rough demo, which became his first real release beach island in the summer of 2015. He followed it with breathe in the fall of that same year as a freshman at Colorado College pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology. He cranked out songs in his dorm room and released them over Soundcloud—one every week. He later transferred them over to Spotify, where breathe’s lead single ‘Bout It’ became the catalyst, hitting Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist.”

Today, we get to help showcase the newest single from the multi-talented, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker ‘Comethru’ ft. Bea Miller - which is a fucking jam to keep it simple. His vocals are silky smooth on the acoustic production which gives off a perfect vibe to keep it laid back but enjoyable time and time again. “It’s a pretty happy sounding acoustic song, yet the lyrics are about driving myself crazy in my childhood home,” the now NYC resident adds. “I needed company, basically.” The song appears on Zucker’s upcoming EP details his switch from college obligations to now an endless summer of doing what he loves. As Jeremy Zucker enters this next phase of his career, he brings a new love letter to life that fans will undoubtedly connect with.

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