SABRE’s Latest Vibey Track Makes Neo-Soul Sound So Good…


Today on Sensei's Music Blog, we get to help showcase SABRE's genre defying single 'Peace and Love' - which plays with elements of R&B, hip-hop, and jazz; while laying down something entirely fresh and undeniably addictive. Atmospheric, experimental, and sensual, 'Peace and Love' finds SABRE weaving between intimate melodies and spoken word, weighted by the intricate scratched beats of Beatox. Producer LaFlamme carries the slow burning track with sparkling rhodes and synth bringing the track fully into a fantasy world.

"The flow is completely different than anything I’ve put out," SABRE explains "I wrote all the lyrics to the song in about 20 minutes. The producer, LaFlamme, was figuring out the arrangement. The production was essentially live off the floor. Beatox and I layed our vocal tracks simultaneously. We walked away kind of mind blown, like what have we just created here? What genre is this? It just feels like future sound to me."

As for the message behind 'Peace and Love', SABRE brings the listener a simple but important message of the track’s namesake "Essentially, I wrote 'Peace and Love' thinking about the love side- when I’m on the road or creating, I have to find peace as an artist within myself because things change on a dime and relationships are on the line. Sometimes, I fall short cause I’m human, but all I need is peace and love by the end and I’m happy."

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