Let Felix Cartal Take You On An Adventure In His Latest Music Video…


Today on Sensei’s Music Blog, we get to help showcase the newest music video from Felix Cartal for ‘Mood’ - which is the last single from his recent album release of “Next Season”. With its effervescent melodies and bouncing, subtle basslines, ‘Mood’ is arguably one of the most lighthearted and carefree tracks on the album, which is perfectly reflected in the video's fun-filled storyline. Cartal's visual story for ‘Mood’ finds a group of best friends having a "Monday Funday," which finds them on multiple adventures amid a gorgeous countryside and ocean backdrop. The video captures the brilliancy, energy and positivity of Cartal's music and this track in particular - and perhaps it will forever change the way you think about Mondays.

Lastly, if you’re diggin’ what Felix Cartal is up to - make sure you throw him a follow on his social media links and stay up to date with his work as it drops. This guy had a huge 2018 and is probably gearing up for an even bigger 2019, so don’t be a fool and miss out on anything. You’ll find everything you need and the music video stream to ‘Mood’ down below! Enjoy!

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