Jay Bird dropped a melodic future bass remix that'll get you feeling some type of way...

jaybirdround1-15 smaller.jpg

"California-based producer, Jay Bird, offers a mix of emotive and melodic electronic music to move both the minds and bodies of listeners. With a diverse background in music spanning between folk, indie rock, and electronic music, Jay Bird’s work has formed into his own unique, Indie Electronic style. After experiencing a Bassnectar festival a few years back, Jay Bird produced his first electronic song the next day and has continued to experiment with fusing his musical influences together. The vision for his project is to make uplifting dance music that holds true to the organic feel of his folk roots. Beyond producing, Jay Bird has taken his music across the Golden State, performing in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Oakland and more."

Today, we get to help showcase Jay Bird's latest remix of WildVibes & Martin Millers track 'Far From You' - which is a fucking sick jam with a chill but uplifting future bass melody to get your head straight. Jay Bird’s signature atmospheres and indie electro touch compliment the emotion of the original song, allowing the massive energy to wash over listeners and draw them in for the ride. Get ready to vibe out on this one because it's gonna be a banger.

Lastly, if you're diggin' what Jay Bird is up to - make sure you throw him a follow on his social media links and stay up to date on his work as it drops. He's been killing it for the last few months and you never know what kind of amazing music could come next with a guy like this, so don't be a fool and miss out on anything. You'll find everything you need and the stream to the Jay Bird Remix of 'Far From You' down below! Enjoy!

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