HipHop artist, David Versis, drops a smooth ass track...

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David Versis is a Canadian rapper/producer raised in Mississauga, Ontario. Versis' production style is big and bold that uses unique sample cuts, larger than life instruments and emotionally charged vocals. This artist stands out for his amazing rhyme scheme and powerful delivery so we are extremely excited to be showcasing his work.

Today, we get to help release one of his latest tracks 'Made For Me' - a RnB feel with a Kendrick flow opens up the track and you can immediately hear this guys' style radiate thru his delivery. David had this to say about the song...

The Intention of ‘Made For Me’ was to switch between different emotions, and tempos, in a way that’s intentional and fresh. Mikhail [the producer] and I wanted to mix down tempo ‘trap’ percussion in the verses, and a more upbeat classic hip-hop swing in the chorus to match the individual vibes of each. It’s meant to be a feel good record, that is blatant about one’s appreciation for a woman’s perfection. The track is talking game to your girl, not with the purpose of hooking up, but just to show appreciation. But it’s still just talking game.

Lastly, if you're diggin' on what David Versis is doing with his music - make sure you throw him a follow on his social media and stay up to date with his releases as they drop. You wont want to miss what he's got in store over the next few years. You'll find everything you need and the spotify stream of 'Made For Me' down below! Enjoy!

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As always, we want to say thank you to David Versis for being featured here on 先生Sensei - your music is mad smooth and we cant wait to hear more from you in the future. Let us know if we can ever help out again! Cheers!

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