Matt Rouch is a fantastic folk/country singer and songwriter...

Matt Rouch was born in Virginia and he now resides in Denver, Colorado. This southpaw guitarist that released a 10 track album entitled, "The Beautiful and the Damned" less than a month ago has a great presence through his music alone so it would be crazy to see him perform live. Matt has got a soulful, relaxed tone to most of his new songs. His music video for the song "This Side of Paradise" off of his album is actually pretty damn cool, so we recommend giving that a watch before you leave. Also, you can read a short, insightful interview from Mr. Matt Rouch and check out the rest his latest and greatest songs down below. Enjoy!

Is there anything you want to say right off the bat before we start asking questions? 

Just that I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to talk with you guys. It's very difficult these days to get noticed as a musician so I really don't take it lightly when someone appreciates my music and wants to engage me about it.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you're from? What did you do before you started doing music?

I'm from Virginia, I was raised outside of Washington, D.C. I've always played music, my mother put me in band in 4th grade playing the clarinet, and before that my mom and dad always had music playing loudly throughout the house so it's always been with me. But, in addition to music, I have a masters degree in environmental science and I moved to Denver for a job in my field so I'm a nerdy scientist by day, wannabe rock star by night I guess.

What made you fall in love with music?

I think just being exposed to it from a young age, being an introverted shy emotional person it was a way I could intensely feel and express things that I couldn't otherwise - not to get super deep about it. But I think there is such a strong emotional tie with music and that's what causes so many people to form such a strong bond with it. Also, nothing beats performing live, I tell people all the time, especially in Colorado, what they get from skiing black diamonds and rock climbing, I get from being on stage in front of a big crowd, the thrill is undeniable.

We're not asking you to drop a whole bunch of wisdom but what's one piece of advice you would give someone who's just starting to get into the music industry?

Be prepared to face a ton of rejection and self-doubt, it's a brutal business with heartless club owners and cutthroat competing bands with huge egos so having thick skin is crucial - that being said, always focus on writing the best music you can, putting the best product out there that you can, be absolutely captivating live and people will notice, as cheesy as it sounds, believe in yourself, work hard, and good things will come.

Dream collaboration?

Probably some kind of concept album with Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, and Kristian Matsson of The Tallest Man on Earth - those guys are some of my favorite songwriters out there today.

What are your plans for this year musically? Are there any upcoming tours/songs/albums that you can tell us about?

This year I'm just planning on promoting my new album I just released March 1st, The Beautiful and the Damned, and playing as many shows as I can. I'm going to be playing around Denver a lot, but I'm also looking to get out to the other cities in the region - Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, etc.


Twitter: @RouchMan_85


We want to say thank you again to Matt Rouch for letting us feature you on 先生Sensei, we really appreciate it. You have a great talent with your music and we hope to hear more from you as the years go on. Let us know if you need anything else! Cheers!

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