The Racing Pulses offer an awesome sound to alternative rock music...

Kristian Iliev, guitarist and vocalist from The Racing Pulses (TRP) was kind enough to give us an interview and share some of his personal background in the music industry. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, TRP has produced some really amazing songs to date and we can't wait to hear what else they've got in store over the next few months. Make sure you give all the tracks a listen and throw TRP a follow on some of their social media. Enjoy!

Sensei: Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you're from? What did you do before you started doing music?

Kristian Iliev: Writing has been a hobby of mine since I can remember. People in my life have encouraged me and I enjoy crafting poetry, writing short stories, and songwriting. Putting music and words together just sort of made sense for me because I really wanted to make something new and exciting. I started playing drums and then learned how to play guitar proficiently when I was around 14. I am a Bulgarian - American and my parents emigrated when I was born. We have lived in the U.S. for the last twenty years but we travel a lot. I love Europe and Bulgaria but Wisconsin is a state with charm. My family has always been passionate about music. My father had a successful band in high school and one of my aunts plays the accordion very well. My mom also loves live music. She always talks about this incredible Tina Turner concert she saw years ago. I have a sister who loves to sing and did theater up until her late teens. She played Roxie in this fantastic production of "Chicago." She's a better singer than I am! The Pulses started a couple years ago in high school and a new lineup happened when I got to Madison. Currently I'm working on my degree in Political Science at UW - Madison and devoting my time to the band.

Sensei: I'm not asking you to drop a whole bunch of wisdom but what's one piece of advice you would give someone who's just starting to get into the music industry?

Kristian Iliev: You could be the best band in the history of the world but it won't matter if the musicians are not committed. Building a career in this industry is about a lot more than making excellent music: it's also about less fun stuff like emailing, networking, managing social media, budgeting, seizing opportunities and so on. Try to play out as much as you can and get on festival bills, no matter how big or small, because they can do a lot to embolden a resume and a band. If you can comfortably own a stage in front of a hundred or a thousand people, you can perform in front of anyone and probably impress them. That feeling is difficult to shake. Some people are shy and it takes practice and preparation, but it's important to have a stage presence. Just make it count when you get out on that stage and play shows as much as you can otherwise nobody will know who you are.

Sensei: What are your plans for this year musically? Are there any upcoming tours or new songs that you can tell us about?

Kristian Iliev: We just got back from a massive show in Chicago on Saturday. The scene is so vibrant down there and the bands always bring it live. Wisconsin knows how to party but we're aiming to hit the road in the near future as well. I think we've proven we have what it takes to play all sorts of venues. People seem genuinely excited when they see us play, even if it is their first time at one of our concerts. It's also fun traveling to new places and winning over crowds. Right now we're cooking up some new recordings and trying out different arrangements. If all goes well a new record should be out soon! Look out for shows near you and keep up at or any of our other accounts (Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube)!   

As always, we want to thank Kristian Iliev and The Racing Pulses for doing the interview and letting us feature your music on the site! We're looking forward to the next releases. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys! Rock on!

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