Gio Drinks is an incredible hip-hop artist with a golden flow...

With an upcoming release on the horizon, Gio Drink's EP "Thee ECCENTRIC Surfer" is full of tracks that bang. Gio's flow is intricate and accurate, which is something we appreciate at 先生Sensei. Props to Gio Drinks for making quality music worth spending some money on... But luckily, it's free anyways! You can find the download link to his EP below along with all of the tracks on it. His interview shows the true passion and knowledge he has for the industry so I highly recommend reading it if you're working on getting your own music career going. Make sure you throw him a follow on his social media as well! Enjoy!

Sensei: Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you're from? What did you do before you started doing hip hop?

Gio Drinks: Well, my name is Gio drinks. and I'm an emcee from Chicago. I like beer, experimental drugs and long walks on the beach. Haha...but in all seriousness, there wasn't really a "before" Hip Hop for me because I've been into music for as long as I could remember. I used to dance, write poems, make songs for girls I crushed on in class and either listen to the radio all day or watch music videos all day since I was like 4.

Sensei: I'm not asking you to drop a whole bunch of wisdom but what's one piece of advice would you give someone who's just starting to get into the music industry?

Gio Drinks: From an artist standpoint, all I can say is stay true to who you are and don't fall into a trendy way of expressing yourself. If you got it, you got it. If you don't, then I'm sure there's something else in the world that you're amazing at. Everybody is great at something and it won't be music in most cases.

Sensei: What are your plans for this year musically? Are there any upcoming tours or new songs that you can tell us about

Gio Drinks: This year, the plan is to hit these goals, beat these odds. I have a couple of projects dropping. The first one will be arriving in May, then we rock out during the summer and depending on where we're at with everything, that'll determine how the rest of the year will play out. So be looking out for me in May, and the first single from that will be released in April. I'm staying mum on names and such, but I'm definitely excited for what's about to come.


Twitter: gio4thletter


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Thanks to Gio Drinks for doing the interview and producing some of the best rap we've listened to for a while. You're killing it man! Let us know when your next release is and we'll get it up on the site too. Cheers!

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