Dialek Dubai X Wafa debut new hiphop single...

Dialek Dubai, a producer/rapper that has some intriguing and catchy hiphop beats,  comes together with Wafa to drop the rappers' first album. Dialek has a simple sound but it's smooth and powerful. Paired with Wafa, they are sure to produce some badass tracks to vibe with. So we're pretty excited to release it here on Sensei. To get a feel for Dialek's beats, check out his recent collab with rapper Median in "Control" or "Dominance" off Dialek's ?WTFISDUBAI project. We'll also throw in Dialek's "Grind" video because it really shows what the artist is made of lyrically. Plus, check out the Wafa debut single below and follow both of their social media. Enjoy! 

Dialek Dubai in the studio.

Dialek Dubai in the studio.

先生Sensei: Can you tell us a little about yourself and where your from? What did you do before you started doing rap?

Wafa: Im from Durham, NC aka Bull City /City of Medicine. We, Dialek Dubai and I first started working together the year 2010. I, Wafa,  Before the music did poetry in elementary, writing my first poem about ice cream. I was introduced to Hip Hop / Rap & underground Music By Dialek Dubai in a home studio located on the Roxboro rd, in Durham also known as “Da Rox”. At The Time Dialek Dubai was working on his first solo debut album “Last Egg” and from there I recorded my first verse on “RoundTable” at the age 11 with members from UnTamed Generalz features, then I did my first solo song off a beatape made by Dialek, called “A Bio Of Me”, also a couple months prior before him going back to ATL, while he was gone me and Ju Kuton, Anthony Alexander, and H3 we created a music label formally known as Wafa Foundation, now W. A. F. A.  Ent standing for We Always Finish Assignment Entertainment. 

先生Sensei: What's one piece of advice would you give someone who's just starting to get into the music industry? 

Wafa: The best advice I (Wafa) Has learned so far from experience and Us (W. A. F. A.  ENT) work collectively & among each others is Focus, Awareness/Alertness, Preservation, & Patience.

先生Sensei: What are your plans for this year musically? Are there any upcoming tours or new songs that you can tell us about?

Wafa: We, W. A. F. A.  ENT X DIALEK DUBAI, planning our second tour coming soon this summer 2016 #GETWETX3 Tour for our single #GETWETX3, check our first teaser on Youtube shot by Our Vision Media.

Dialek Dubai: Wafa’s Debut Album drops March 30th and My 5th Solo Project Is To Be Released April 3rd, We Are Also Working On Live Albums With #WigginOut AKA Median (Justus League).

Connect with Dialek and Wafa:

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/dialekdubai

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dialekdubai/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DialekDubai

Youtube: www.youtube.com/dialekdubai

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dialekdubai

Dialek Dubai - The Grind (Freestyle/RMX)

Dialek Dubai - ?WTFisDUBAI (Mixtape)

(Wafa - Music Theurgy) PREMIER 3/30/16

We would like to thank Dialek Dubia and Wafa for letting us feature their music. We can't wait to hear what is coming from the future collaboration with Justus League. 


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