Director Danny Seymour Unveils New Eerie-Yet-Entertaining Short Film...

"I love just getting friends together and bringing an idea to life, even if it's only my friends that see it."

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"This is an amateur short film shot in Cheshire, England. I shot it with my good friend and co-sta, Jacob Snelson. Who has helped with many shorts I've done. It is about a feud between two drug dealers which ends in a bitter way. The focus was to make it eerie and really make the viewer feel a little disturbed afterwards. It is also the first time I've collaborated with people online for the music and special effects."

Today, we get to help showcase another gripping short film from Danny Seymour entitled 'A Life Takes Another' - which seems like a raw encounter with the drug dealers themselves. The film was inspired by old westerns, Tarantino films and the realistic and eerie vibe of Shane Meadows films. Commenting on the film, Danny said, "I decided to put it in a 4:3 ratio so it had an older feel. I really wanted the voiceover to sound weak and raspy, like the kid on the trailer of Harmony Korine's 'Gummo'. Although not many people will probably see the film, I love making them and can't wait to shoot my next weird and artsy piece of shit. Next time maybe on VHS."

Lastly, if you're diggin' on what Danny Seymour is up to with his indie flicks - make sure you drop him a line in the comment section below and show your support. While still being pretty new to the indie game, he is progressing quickly and we know that he going to have more in store for us in the upcoming months. Written and director by Danny Seymour - This is, 'A Life Takes Another'! Enjoy!

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