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Today, we get to help build some hype for an upcoming IndieGoGo campaign for a web series called, Mr. Jack. Get ready to blow your mind hole.

Mr. Jack is the visual adaptation of Mick Lexington's original novel that shares the same name. Originally the novel was released in 2011 and it has an entwining tale of fleeting relationships and abusive drug use. The story itself revolves around an artist named, Val Shepard, and his return to New York City. Thru some odd connections and happenstances, he meets the charismatic, Jackson King - a man that would have a great deal to do with Val's future. Thematically, Mr. Jack addresses questions of self-awareness and the cause and effect of the denial of self. Val turns to the anti-hero, unable to face his innermost wants and desires, he lives vicariously through the carefree Jackson King 'Mr. Jack', and in denying his true nature, Val destroys all that he cherishes. To learn more about the film, it's director and how you can help support it; visit http://misterjackthemovie.com/

Lastly, if you're interested in learning more about 'Mr. Jack' and the story behind it - go ahead and click those social media links to show some support for his work. Keep an eye out for the IndieGoGo campaign and have your chance to help bring this idea to fruition. You'll find everything you need alongside "A Word From Mick Lexington" - which should give you a heads up on more of the story, Mick Lexington's background, and why to support 'Mr. Jack' down below! Enjoy!

A Word From Mick Lexington


The French call it; Raison D'être which literally means ‘purpose.’ The phrase is infamous for the associated in philosophical circles with the trial of Socrates, where the question is asked; “Is the life lived sans Raison D'être worth redemption?”

Mr. Jack, a film from Writer, turned Director Mick Lexington takes this age-old question and asks it in the modern-day backdrop of The LES of Manhattan, the last bastion of Bohemianism in New York City, warts and all.

It is the story of the definitive prodigal son Val Shepard returning home to New York City after a self-imposed exile with the intention of picking his life up where he left off, but as his ex-landlord and father figure Jimmy Alfano tells him, “You can’t pick up where you left off, you got to start over.” Disregarding his advice, Val begins to live his life vicariously through Jackson King Mr. Jack.


Val, the POV character, is the classic tragic clown archetype, he feels he is not worthy of happiness. He does not recognize that he must take responsibility for his own contentment. Instead, Val lives vicariously through Mr. Jack, who ironically, by claiming credit for other people's art, sleeping with other men's wives, and substituting his endorphins for chemicals -- takes a shortcut to happiness. On the film’s backstory, Val was a young artist on the verge of a breakthrough yet threw it all away as he lacked trust in himself. Upon his return to New York, Val’s refusal to accept his role in the grander scheme of things sets a series of events into action which will eventually lead to Jackson's demise.

Lexington spoke on his film, stating, “I wanted to make a movie that told a provocative truth about the human desire for creativity and the moral responsibility one has to their existence.”

Mr. Jack is Lexington’s passion project, and he is looking to seek independent financing to make the film without compromises.

“I had 500K on the table to develop a TV series I wrote. The catch was I had to work with a producer that wanted to turn to turn my Drama into Disneyesque slapstick action thriller. I walked away from that rather than have the project compromised. And don't think for a minute that's not a decision I don’t question every day. Yet at the end of the day ‘Created by’ was going to have my name on it and what he wanted to produce was not what I wanted to be associated with.”


Yet even with all the drawbacks of working outside the studio system, Lexington feels this leads one to consider an entirely new spectrum of opportunities. On Crowdfunding, Lexington believes you empower the full gamut of artistic expression from the artist to the spectator. Before Crowdfunding, the only control the cinema goer had was the purchase of a ticket. In Crowdfunding, you are helping to shape the future of communication through the medium of Cinema. More than merely the purchase of a ticket, the cinema goer is helping to take the power away from studio bureaucrats and put it in the hands of the creator. It is the beginning of a movement; the empowerment of the artist to deliver without compromise.

On filmmaking, Lexington believes that entertainment fulfills a defined value, “In comedy, or horror, or whatever genre, there is a predefined expectation one has for the genre; boxes we expect to be ticked. Yet Art is that which exceeds expectations. Not just in cinema but in all disciplines."

What is considered as art today does not challenge the audience or viewer? It anesthetizes, it inebriates, but it does not transform. It should be the duty of not only the filmmaker but of every artist, regardless of medium, to pursue the objective of throwing complacency off kilter.


"I don’t believe an artist should put the responsibility for the significance of a work of art on the viewer. The artist cannot create and distribute without some rationale behind their creation. The viewer may have their own interpretation, and there is no right or wrong interpretation; beauty fails any dictate as beauty a cannot be legislated." he says.

"This is the importance of the artist in society; it lies in the truth that splendor cannot be legislated. A transformation which touches our souls breaks our hearts, causes us to laugh, permits us to cry, and kicks our asses into a higher state being."

Perhaps, it is Lexington’s Raison D'être, to do just that.


As always we want to say thank you to Mick Lexington for having 'Mr. Jack' featured here on 先生Sensei - this story seems like it's going to be amazing and we hope to see this project hit its mark in August. So, good luck and let us know if we can ever help out again on any other projects. Cheers!

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