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"As technology is taking over all aspects of life. It is not doing a fair justice to education. As a result, education is becoming a paradox in presence of information technology. The web is fast replacing the well educated with the well informed. The struggle is leading to automated systems replacing humans and causing a setback to livelihood as robots are promoted to fill a resourceless gap."

In a world where technology is advancing fast and the education industry is striving to keep up with it -- we see a ton of potential for us to move forward and expand in unison with it. The scary thing is what happens when technology surpasses education (which it already has, in my opinion) and it becomes more practical to spend that time and energy on learning independently away from universities and colleges. DR Atif Ak takes a look and delves deeper into the roles that both ED and IT play in our futures with his new documentary, ED vs IT: SOS.

 DR Atif A K

DR Atif A K

Certain jobs and careers in the next few years could probably be better run by machines but to completely outsource life and humanity is something that wont be obtained within our lifetimes -- but it doesn't seem to be a far stretch either. With several cases being made from professionals in different backgrounds, the documentary gives you a couple perspectives on the plus sides of technology but also the negative lights that may lurk behind a first glance. Personally, this is something I'm split on: Will we lose the human interaction and interpersonal skills if we go too far with technology or are we trying to grasp on to the fading world of education that our previous generations used to excel their lives? Who knows but this thought provoking documentary does a great job and getting your mind to start tossing around ideas about it.

If you're wanting to give EDvsIT: SOS a watch - this roughly 60 minute film can be found on Amazon to rent for $1.99 but if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free. Which I recommend if you like documentaries like I do. If you don't have Prime and you're on the struggle bus for money, click the banner down below for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime and get your learn on.

Lastly, if you're diggin' on what the film is about and DR Atif A K's work -- make sure you check out his links and stay up to date with his upcoming film releases. This whole film was written, directed and produced by DR Atif A K himself, which is a hell of an accomplishment - it takes an insane amount of time to produce film at this length with a team beside you let alone by yourself. He's also already in the works of another psychological thriller/horror feature film called 'The Disowned' which is in its early production but it should be a fun one to check out once it releases. You'll find everything you need and the trailer to ED vs IT: SOS down below! As always, don't forget to support indie film and enjoy!



As always, we want to thank DR Atif A K for letting us feature ED vs IT here on 先生Sensei - you did a great job on it and we love getting into the indie film industry. Keep in touch about the 'The Disowned' and let us know if we can ever help out again in the future. Till then, cheers!

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