Media Vision Films Unveils Stunning Full Length Drama And Romance Filled Feature…


Today on Sensei’s Film Blog, we get to help showcase an indie film from Media Vision Films that has recently released entitled “The Passion Of Love” - which articulates how one can lose his or her self when driven by emotions. Written and directed by Jean M. Nelson and Natasha Lumsden, The Passion Of Love is about two lovers that have sworn to love each thru this life and the next, ultimately entwining their souls even past reincarnation and finding love for one another again as two completely different people. It’s honestly a beautiful tale of how love can take many shapes and find balance when you truly connect with another person. While bringing drama and romance to the forefront of the film, it still allows for a fair amount of relatable instances we face in almost every relationship and shows the raw emotions behind them. So, it should definitely catch your attention if you’re looking for a great date night movie.

 From left-to-right: Jean M. Nelson, Franck Corbiserie, Messaline Morley, Natasha Lumsden

From left-to-right: Jean M. Nelson, Franck Corbiserie, Messaline Morley, Natasha Lumsden

Speaking on the film, a Media Vision Films spokesperson said, “The Passion of Love is inspired by a vision that introduces how love can affect us in multiple different ways. It’s based on ‘True Story Events’ and captures how love and romances can manipulate our heart, and take control of the mind”.

Lastly, if you’re diggin’ on what the people over at Media Vision Films are up to - make sure you throw them a follow on their social media links and stay up to date with their releases as they drop. They have a couple more films in the works and you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything that’s to come in the 2019 year. Running approximately 120 minutes long and starring Messaline Morley, Franck Corbeserie, Juan Ruiz, Florencia Dela Rosa, Irina Belksa and Tomas Mercado, the “The Passion Of Love” is available OnDemand thru Vimeo so give it a rent and support indie film from around the world. You can enjoy the trailer and a special interview with the writers/directors down below, that way you can get a solid feel for the film and it’s story! Cheers!


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