UNVERIFIED is a hilarious, Australian mockumentary about a young creatives' life in Hollywood...

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"UNVERIFIED is a mockumentary series about Andrew, a writer from the UK trying to make it in LA. UNVERIFIED satirizes self-involved and entitled white privilege, the struggling artist paradox, and the risk of arrogance in the pursuit of telling stories."

UNVERIFIED is a satirical web-series that follow a young creatives life in Hollywood as if it's a documentary. In UNVERIFIED, the main character is, Andrew, a writer from the UK that moves to L.A. to find success in the film industry. Oddly enough, the guy that created the show, Alex Cubis, actually plays the main character, Andrew, and it's awesome to see his vision come to life through him. Each episode highlights a section of Andrews' life (ie: Home Life, Dating Life, Family Life... etc) and shows Andrew in some funny ass scenarios that only he can handle. From awkward tinder dates to crazy family members; this short web-series' first season caught enough attention to get on the famous FunnyorDie.com - and now we get to showcase it here on Sensei! How exciting!

With 7 episodes, each ranging from 4-6 minutes, you can clear out this easily digestible and entertaining show in under an hour. We've linked the complete season thru a YouTube playlist on this post - just scroll down to watch when you're ready. It's well worth a full view if you're looking for something new to watch on your weekly hump day. It's dry humor in some places is ingenious and the shear tenacity of Andrew as a character cracks me up. You can also read a short interview with UNVERIFIEDs' creator, Alex Cubis and a funny interview for shits-and-giggles with 'The White Guy' himself, Andrew, down below. Enjoy!

Alex Cubis (The Real Guy)

Where did you get the idea for Unverified? 


A successful actor friend of mine, who is Indian, tweeted that he found it ridiculous white guys use Indian culture to find themselves. I tweeted back that it would make a funny mockumentary and I could play the white guy. That, in combination with some funny experiences in LA and my own neuroses, gave birth to the idea.

Your comedy is pretty well written and production is fantastic for being a smaller project - who is a part of your team that helped make Unverified a reality? 

I wrote it, with help from an American actor friend of mine, Courtney Dlugos. I enlisted some talented DOPs, and then cast friends Joel Hogan (Open Water 3), Tricia Brooks (Murder Among Friends), Landon Merrell (The Regulars), Kristian Schmidt (BET) and Richard Rennie. Funny or Die then expressed interest in distributing the show.

Being from Australia, what was the deciding factor that brought you to the US and chase video work? 

I like American material, and I tend to think that the entertainment industry is more innovative than Australia's. While Australia makes great content, there’s not the same hunger and pace than what’s available in the US.

Are there more seasons of Unverified in the works? If so, do you have a time frame that your fans could expect upcoming episodes? 

I have an idea for a season 2, so it’ll depend on my other projects for whether I can fit it in and if I feel it’s a story worth telling.

Since we like to bring in some knowledge for people trying to produce great content like Unverified, what are some tips you would give someone that's trying to get a YouTube or small video series off the ground? 

I hosted a podcast series, Honest Conversations with Alex Cubis, where I asked a lot of questions like these. Those answers ranged from ‘work within your means,’ ‘write from experience’ and ‘write about what you’re interested in’. I’d also add that it’s important for content creators to be clear on what exactly they want their audience to think and feel - why is their story and project worth sharing?

Anything else that you would like to say? 

Thanks for the support on Unverified. Please comment and share your favourite episodes!

Andrew (The White Guy)

First off - How's life in Hollywood? 

Life generally is going amazingly well - thank you. I feel really inspired and grounded when I’m here. I think I own a strong piece of real estate within the industry.

Your vlogs seem to capture some crazy moments in your life, what is the weirdest thing you've had happen since you started? 

Oh I think definitely being recognised on the street and in cafés - people stare at me all the time with such fascination. It’s really validating to know that it must be because the vlogs are so successful.

What would you like to say to all your viewers? 

Thank you so much for the support - it means the world. I know that it’s a lot of responsibility you all have handed to me to serve as a beacon in the night that is the creative industry, so I’m honoured that I’m respected and revered enough that people now look to me for guidance.

What can you tell us about what happens behind the scenes during your filming process? 

So many things happen behind the scenes! Everyone's always laughing, but whenever I walk into a room the crew become incredibly quiet and stop talking. It’s very gratifying to know that I command such authority that my colleagues know I need silence to focus on my work. They’re always mucking around, but they know I’m here to work.     

Parting words?

I can’t wait for all of you to see my film and/or limited series. It’s going to be phenom! Flick’s doing such a good job with the development.


As always, we want to say thank you to, Alex Cubis, for sharing UNVERIFIED with us here at 先生Sensei. This series had a really genuine feel mixed with great comedic value. Keep up your work and please let us know if you have any other projects in the future that you'd like to share with us. Cheers, dude!

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