Shadows Fall is a thought provoking horror/thriller film sure to have you confronting your darkest demons...

Today, 先生Sensei has the pleasure of sharing an indie horror/thriller film named Shadows Fall with you guys. We got to check out this amazing film thanks to the director, Adi Vishwanath, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the entire project. There are a ton of indie horror flicks going around right now but Shadows Fall was great in terms of writing, production and casting. We want to give a huge shout out to the entire cast and crew for doing a spectacular job in creating a very thought provoking film with a hell of an edge.

This story follows, Senka (Dylan Quigg) and her husband, Jonas, (Jener Dasilva) who have an deadly, unfortunate home invasion gone wrong. This intruder, Samuel (Marc Carlis), murders, Jonas and puts the haunting plot into motion. After losing, Jonas - Senka is rattled by the emptiness she feels without her loved one by her side; circumstantially coming across a book promising the most amazing thing: to bring Jonas back from the dead. But this promise comes with a mysterious price.

Senka confronts a demon named, Amis (Christian Wennberg) and agrees to whatever it takes to bring her husband back to her. Not fully understanding the terms of the deal may be the worst decision she could have made. Now Senka's trapped in her own house and her new neighbor, Rain (Kinsey Diment) may just have a hunch about whats going on.

Down below, you can find a trailer and full video stream of Shadows Fall. We highly recommend checking out the whole film on Vimeo - for only $6.99 to rent, this is one of the better indie horror/thriller film project we've seen in some time and it's great movie to huddle around some popcorn to on a late night. Plus, you'd be supporting a fantastic indie film. Enjoy!


There are no souls in Hell. Only demons.

Amis, Shadows Fall


Shadows Fall is the haunting story of Senka, a young widow who confronts and answers that eternal question - what would you do for one more moment with someone that you love?

Resorting to the supernatural, she makes a bargain with a demon for the life of her dead husband, Jonas. Now she must live with the price of that deal - Trapped in her once happy home, she is caught in the balance between every moment of happiness with Jonas and the terror and darkness slowly invading their lives. Yet more terrifying is the fact that Jonas is no longer the man that he was. And the only ally she may have in understanding what happened to him, may be the demon himself.



Thanks again to the cast and crew of Shadows Fall for making such an amazing flick. Also, a personal thank you to your director, Adi Vishwanath, for having great communication with us and being open to the idea of being featured here on 先生Sensei! It means a lot to us to be able to bring high quality filmmaking to more people around the world. We cant wait to see what others films are to come from each of you. Cheers!

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