Loste Films, released a hilarious Scooby Doo parody short...

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Luke Ostermiller and Loste Films are at it again with their latest release of Where Are We? - a comedic stoner-spoof on Scooby Doo that hints at a more direct use of the giggle bush (weed, marajuana, mary jane... etc.). Written by Luke Ostermiller and Adrian Eledge, this roughly 7 minute short features the gang is on a stake out to capture evidence of a real ghost and ends up disastrously stoned in the back of their "MysteryWagon" when they are interrupted by the police -  obviously, chaos ensues.

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As always, we want to say thank you to Loste Films and everyone involved in the production of Where Are We? for being featured here on 先生Sensei. You guys did a great job on this short and we hope to see more from you all in the future! Cheers!

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