Gigi the Waitress is a vlogging YouTube personality with some funny quirks...

This sarcasm filled Youtuber is hilarious and worth the subscribe if you're a YouTube junkie like myself. With a feel similar to a crossbreed of Jenna Marbles and Ray William Johnson, Nicole Foti (a.k.a. Gigi The Waitress), does a fantastic job turning real life situations and frustrations into laughable vlogging moments. While she primarily focused with the waitressing aspect of the working world, she does actually hit on some awesome points that could probably make you a better person in many restaurant scenarios and life in general. We hope you enjoy our short interview with her and the selected vlogs and videos down below. Enjoy!

(Bonus: Comment with your favorite server/waitress story and maybe she'll do a vlog on some of the best voted ones.)

Gigi The Waitress seems like a very funny vlog series. Where did you get the idea?

I had been wanting to do a youtube channel for a long time but couldn't think of a good through line for my videos.  I have been waitressing since I was 16 years old and one day I was going on a rant about an annoying customer at work and my coworker said I should record this and put it online and the idea was born! I also named my character Gigi after my Nana who had been a waitress all her life and had passed away a few years ago.

Are there any major plans for further videos? What are you excited about for the future of the show?

Yes, I do new videos every Wednesday. I am hoping to sell the idea to a network and make it a half hour show in the future with a great ensemble cast.

Do you plan to impact the community with your film work?

I just hope to make people laugh and maybe shed some light on waitresses and how hard they work.

Whats the message you want to portray with your vlog?

There's really no particular message. I just hope that people will watch it and perhaps relate to some of the things my character goes through.

Annoying questions every server has the misfortune to hear and the weirdos who ask them. Follow on Twitter and Instagram @gigithewaitress

I tried some different diets and here they are! Let me know which one you think works best! From smoothies to zombies there's something for everyone!

After a brief stint in Corporate America I'm back and with lessons to share!

Ever wondered what the proper etiquette is when you go out to eat? Never fear! Gigi will share her tips and tricks from years of waitressing!

As always, we want to say thank you to Gigi The Waitress (a.k.a. Nicole Foti) for doing the feature and the interview. You're a great Youtube personality and we hope the new year brings tons of success to your doorstep. Stay at it and let us know if there is anything else we can do in the meantime! Cheers!

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