The Call Room is a new web-series that truly grasps the comedic stories of a telemarketer...

If you have ever known someone that works in the telemarketing industry, you know they have some crazy stories about their interactions with customers and their peers. The Call Room's cast definitely gives off a confident feel and there is great chemistry between each of the actors, which really adds to the show since it well written and shot. Sharing in the energy that It's Always Sunny and The Office have, it can honestly give you a hearty laugh. Some web-series can fall short on some side of that, be that the acting or the production; but this is not one of those shows. We commend the whole cast and crew of The Call Room, you guys did a great job. We cant wait to see the upcoming episodes.

We briefly talked with the shows creator Adam Carr and he seems like a great guy. He shared a lot about the background of the show that we'll be talking about in the upcoming release posts. This is a short bio of what he had to say:

The Call Room is a true labor of love... and hate. Creator Adam Carr worked as a telemarketer for over 3 years after graduating from UCLA in order to pursue acting in Los Angeles. Director Craig Tovey, having worked similarly terrible and soul defeating jobs, was inspired when Adam told him he was working on a pilot based on his experiences in the call room. Adam kept copious notes on all the unusual things that happened between he and his co-workers, and so had a lot of original material to draw from. Every episode of season one of The Call Room is directly inspired by an actual event. It's amazing that a job that brought so much misery has turned into a series that brings so much joy! The writers, cast, and crew laughed through the whole experience from writing to shooting to editing and we're positive it will do the same for you.

Lets get down to the meat though. We are walking in on The Call Room at episode 3 of it's first season. Each episode runs around an average of 11 mins. We are very close to the release of episode 4, which releases this Wednesday, October 5th. So if you enjoy The Call Room, please come back to 先生Sensei to watch the next episode "Moving to Maui" and give them a subscribe on their YouTube to stay up to date in real time! Down below you can find the first 3 episodes. Enjoy the quick wit and quirkiness of The Call Room!


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As always, we want to say thank you to the cast and crew of the The Call Room for letting us feature them on 先生Sensei! Keep up the great work and let us know if you need anything else. Cheers!

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