Bro-Dum's season 1 finale will leave you wanting to know more about the future of Chris and Trent...

This great web-series that we have been featuring over the last few weeks is finally coming to the end of it's first season. While only spanning a short 7 chapters, Bro-Dum is incredibly well written and directed to encompass a wide range of humors. Without saying too much, it's awesome to see how things end up for Chris and Trent. Although Professor Juan-Lee has only appeared a few short times throughout the series, he is a great character that we are hoping will have a bigger role in the next season.

We've received a lot of great feedback about the series from our readers and would openly say that it has amazing potential to build a massive following. We want to say congratulations to the crew of Bro-Dum for finishing the season out and hopefully we will see more from you in the future!


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Chapter 7

Bro-Dum Chapter 7: Bro-Ception. New web-series. 2016.

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