The Sober Comedy crew kicks off its newest season today...

Today we get to release a short film by Sober Comedy called "Heaven". It caught us off guard right away and quickly got a laugh with its originality. The comedy duo is clever and their supporting actors help make "Heaven" a hell of an enjoyable short. We got a chance to interview them before the release of their latest season to learn a little bit about their backgrounds. You can read that interview below and also see the "Heaven" short a little below that. Make sure you throw them a follow on their social media! Enjoy!

What kind of information can you give us about you and the crew behind your productions?

Some more info about our team: Sober Comedy is two of us, Paul McGovern and Daniel Hartigan. We live together in Los Angeles and we met in Ireland the day that Michael Jackson died. The two of us write, direct, act in, and edit all of the content.

Also what are some sources of inspiration for the newest film as well as your short films?

Inspiration for the new short, entitled "Heaven," came from the saying "There's a special place reserved in Hell for people like you." We wrote a sketch where the main character has trouble confirming his reservation when he arrives in hell. After some deliberation, we thought it would be more fun if the setting was Heaven instead of Hell. All the essentials of our productions (as stated above) are Daniel and myself, but we do have people that have helped along this journey in performing and helping film, whom are listed on the website. 

As far as our other videos go, they came from frustration, really. It's tough to get people to read scripts or come out to stand-up comedy shows. Sober Comedy was born out of the philosophy that it's easier for people to watch a 2 minute video rather than the alternatives (reading, leaving their homes, etc.). 

Lastly what are you and the crews goals for the future? 

It's been a great exercise. Last year we put out a new video for 24 straight weeks, into December. We learned a ton. We've since taken a break, but we'll be back putting videos out consistently starting this coming Monday. And yes, our goals moving forward are to continue to put out weekly content every Monday for the foreseeable future, but as well grow an audience for our webisodes, TV pilot ideas, and potential feature concepts.

Then at the end of the day just hope to give people an opportunity to get away from the stress, and just kick back and enjoy some comedy. 

-Daniel and Paul

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As always, we want to say thank you to the Sober Comedy cast and crew! You guys did a fantastic job on the first episode of season 2 and we are super excited to see more of what you guys have to offer. We'll be presenting your newest episodes on 先生Sensei every week as long as it's cool with you guys! Congrats on a job well done!

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