Bro-Dum Ch. 6: The Hang-Brover - waking up naked can be a rude experience...

After Chris teaches Trent 'The Pillars of Skank', the confident duo has a rough run-in with their female counterparts, Naomi and Melissa. A crazy night of partying and they are left with no recollection of the night prior. Now, it's time to piece some of the vague memories back together.

Sadly, the first season finale of Bro-Dum is the next episode. Please help us promote the Bro-Dum team so they'll come back to make another season. They've done a great job thus far and it would be awesome to see where they can develop the story to next! Below is chapter 6 of Bro-Dum, enjoy!

Next and final chapter for this season Feb, 26th.


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