Bro-Dum Ch. 5: The Pillars Of Skank - A bro's guide to picking up the ladies...

This episode of Bro-Dum features brief looks into a few of the new characters in the series and adds backstory on the previously announced "Pillars of Skank". We can see the story sharply developing as, Naomi (Kayla Compton) makes a very remember-able appearance in Chris and Trent's lives. Also, both Juan Lee (Geobert Palencia) and Melissa (Megan Langford) pop in for short segments to introduce themselves. Hopefully, we get to learn more about them in the next episode or two. With that being said; Bro-Dum is turning out to be extremely well rounded with both a great story and loads of production value to add to the web-series scene. Without spoiling anything else, here is chapter 5 of Bro-Dum below. Enjoy!

When Chris realizes Trent has no game he decides to teach him a family secret. Next Episode Feb, 18th.


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