The new Luke Ostermiller film 'Turn Around' is set to drop in January 2017...

Luke Ostermiller and his associates are a frequent contributor to the Sensei film section. Having directed both Newsroom One and Crane, some of our highest rated film content, he's building a great portfolio of well thought out and catchy work.

Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life.
— Naguib Mahfouz

Luke's newest piece of work is called 'Turn Around'. It follows the main character, Nathan, as he gets into a deadly, unfortunate scenario during his travels with his new girlfriend, Amber. An innocent driving break may end up being the downfall of the new couple and a moment that neither will forget easily. Down below, you'll be able to find the trailer for 'Turn Around' and you'll be able to find it here on Sensei when the full film releases in January 2017. Otherwise, you can follow Loste Films and D&O Studios on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to stay up to date on their newest shorts and movies.

Watching 'Turn Around', we were initially pleasantly surprised by the cinematography and it's musical score that helped pair a short but scary tale with fantastic production quality. Props to everyone that worked on the film, it is very professional and enticing to a die-hard horror movie fan like myself.

Now, enjoy the trailer for 'Turn Around'!

Official teaser trailer for the upcoming short film "Turn Around". Starring Scott K. Leslie, Cali June and R.J. Wagner

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