Adam, Alexa, Jonathan, Craig and Simon are moving to Maui and scratching lottery tickets...

These next two episodes of The Call Room are fantastic to say the least. We'll let you guys find out what they are about because honestly it's probably better if you watch them and not have us ruin the fun. But, we did want to highlight a couple of the cast members to give you some insight on their comedic backgrounds as a whole. We'll start with Adam Carr and Alexa Rose on this post and we'll get around to the rest of the cast as the season continues. Both of them are well versed in comedy and have accomplished a fair amount as far as their industry goes. Hopefully, you'll see how their lighthearted sense of humor as a team is complimentary to the overall feel and story of the show. Major props to both Adam and Alexa for doing a great job in the series so far! We can't wait to see more of the show!

Like I said before, you'll find both episodes (4 & 5) down below the short cast bios, so give them a watch and make sure to subscribe to The Call Room's Youtube! Enjoy!

We snagged these short cast bios directly off the shows website ( 

"ADAM" - Adam Carr

Adam moved from Ohio to attend UCLA, but he stuck around to create original content for the world! And God bless him for it. As creator and head writer of The Call Room, he turned his miserable telemarketing experience into a comedy tour de force. As an unsuccessful serial dater, he's turned his debauched romantic life into the live show "Adam Bomb(s)" which premiered in 2016 at the Fringe Festival. Dude is a hand model, a commercial actor, a stand up comic, and an epic and attentive lover. He invites you ALL to see for yourself.... ;)

ALEXA" - Alexa Rose

A Las Vegas, NV native, Alexa has been living, working, and thrivingas an actor in Los Angeles for like... six years... I wanna say. But she definitely dominates the local improv scene with her bold and hilarious all-female team, Radcliffe. Alexa trained at the Groundlings Theater and has crazy adorable energy, like a border collie! I like to describe her as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's obnoxious love child. She f*cking rules!

We snagged these short cast bios directly off the shows website ( 

Episode 4 - Oops! Your Hero Just Killed Himself On Tape.

Episode 5 - Lottery Scratchers... An Office Alliance... Trust No One!

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