Bro-Dum is a new comedic web-series featuring two bros, Mark Reininga and Michael Phillips as Chris and Trent...


Chris (Mark Reininga) your typical bro throws a bro fit while playing an online video game vs. Trent (Michael Phillips). Trent doesn’t take kindly to this and decides he wants to meet up with Chris and hash out their differences. There’s only one problem, they don’t know what each other looks like and end up becoming friends.

 As their friendship continues, Chris realizes Trent has no game and takes him under his freshly toned man arms to teach him the art of “picking up” the ladies. Things seem to be going smoothly when they pick up gorgeous Naomi (Kayla Compton), but little do they know she has plans of her own.

Bro-Dum peaked our interests from the first 30 seconds of the pilot episode. It's catchy and you can tell the characters are well developed by the way they interact. Both Mark and Michael do an excellent job with their roles and we're extremely excited for more of the characters to be introduced. Admittedly, seeing Rocket League (one of my favorite video games out right now) in the opening of the show definitely made me more open to the series. After watching the first chapter of the show though, we immediately reached out to the production team to see if they'd be open to being featured here on 先生Sensei. They obviously said yes and here we are.

We were in contact with Michael Phillips, who plays Trent on Bro-Dum, and he gave us a ton of information on the show. He also gave us time to answer a few questions about where they are planning on taking Bro-Dum and how they came up with the concept. Here is a short sneak peek into the interview: 

The cast and crew that made Bro-Dum possible.

先生Sensei: First off; if there's anything you want to say right off the bat about Bro-Dum before I start asking questions, this would be the time to do it.

Michael: First and foremost, Bro-Dum would not be possible without the inspiration and love of Jesus Christ in all of the lives of the production team, including myself, who helped make this show a reality.  We would like to give glory to God for any success we achieve. That being said, Bro-Dum is a comedic journey that we hope brings joy and laughter to everyone who sees it, while also telling a tale about some eccentric characters who conquer life through friendship while learning and growing in the process.

先生Sensei: Bro-Dum seems like a very relatable show. Where did you guys get the ideas for the characters and story?

Michael: The initial ideas and stories for the show were actually adapted from a few specific personal life experiences- that were kind of crazy- which date back to my high school days and afterwards. So I brought some of those stories to my actor / producer friend, Mark Reininga, with the idea that we could at the very least make them into some funny short films.  Liking the idea and with such hilarious stories as the foundation, we began the groundwork to develop these fictional mash-ups of different characters and circumstances that eventually turned into Bro-Dum.

先生Sensei: I know it's only the first season but are there plans for further seasons? What are you excited about for the future of the show?

Michael: We most definitely want to have a second season; even a third, and we currently have ideas on how the story can progress. Our current story ark that was developed doesn't have an ending which allows us to incorporate the outlines that we have for things down the road. So Lord willing, we can do many more seasons of Bro-dum.  Let's just say that before the season one finale, we will already be looking for the best network or investor that will help us take Bro-Dum to the next level.  In the future, I'm excited to continue the laughs of course, while being able to expand the story, characters, and environment in such a way that it constantly goes where our viewers don't expect!

Here are the first 3 chapters of Bro-Dum to check out!




Cast: Mark Reininga, Michael Phillip, Kayla Compton, Geobert Palencia, Makenna Taylor and Megan Langford. You can find out more here:


All-in-all, we found the series to be refreshingly funny and want to commend the Bro-Dum team on doing a great job on the series thus far. A special thanks to Michael Phillips for taking the time to answer the questions and giving us the rundown on the show. We can't wait to see the upcoming episodes and feature them on 先生Sensei.

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