As an aspiring comedian, I am ashamed that I missed out on Tig Notaro's now infamous stand-up set until this biographical documentary came out. "Tig" is a documentary about stand-up comedian Tig Notaro, who was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after dealing with a horrible infection, a break up, and losing her mother. Rather than dwelling in the sorrow that her life seemed to spew from every seam, Tig decided to take the horrible news about her cancer and turn it into one of the most profound stand-up sets of all time. This week's Netflix Top 5 is dedicated to this wonderful special, with 5 reasons why you need to watch this immediately.

1. Tig- Tig Notaro's energy is so captivating. Her ability to stay strong and oddly optimistic in the face of total tragedy is incredible. Even when she opens her set with "Hello, I have cancer", she is able to keep things so light and humorous. Tig is one of the most astounding souls ever captured on film.

2. It's Heartfelt- Seeing Sarah Silverman try to tell jokes in a hospital room after Tig woke up from her double mastectomy is something else. You can feel how genuine everyone is in the film, and just how great of an impact Tig had on the lives of everyone in her life. Every single person in the film is so wonderful and happy and joyous and sincere. It's great to see that side of stand-up comedy.

3. It's Funny as Hell- Tig is a comedian. Her deadpan humor is so hilarious, so offbeat, and so enjoyable. The small bits of her sets that you get in between the story are great, humorous breaks that pick you up even during the saddest parts. Expect to smile wide and laugh loud at some of the incredible jokes.

4. It's Emotional- I cried. I cried hard. I cried my fucking eyes out. But even though it was so heartbreaking to hear Tig's story, and hear the little bit of horror in her voice as she told a crowd of people that she has cancer, it's wonderful to feel those emotions. The silm does a wonderful job of swooping you up in the weight of it all, and makes you cry tears of joy and wonder as you listen to someone believe that everything will be fine. It's truly remarkable, and inspiring.

5. It's Inspiring- Tig Notaro's story is awe-inspiring. To watch someone go through what she had gone through, then bounce back and attempt what no one thought she could do, and continue her career, and live happily is inspiring to say the least. Tig Notaro is the most one of the most people ever captured on film, and watching her story should give everyone belief and hope.

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-Sebastian Schielie


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