Here are 5 films on Netflix guaranteed to freak you out in some sort of way. Whether it's a 12 year old Swedish vampire or murderers in animal masks, here are our Top 5 for Horror Lovers!


1: V/H/S- This is the only one in the series worth watching. I'll start with that. V/H/S 2 and V/H/S Viral are horrible. Don't bother. The first in the trilogy, however, is incredible. V/H/S is about a group of petty thieves hired to steal a video tape from a house. Simple enough, right? Once they get there they discover a room with piles and piles of VHS tapes, and begin watching them to find the correct one. Each of the five VHS tapes that they watch are short segments of the film, each directed and written by different people, and each one is FUCKING TERRIFYING. This movie had me watching between my fingers. Check this one out!

2: You're Next- This is easily one of the best horror movies to come out in recent memories. It's OUTSTANDING. The perfect mix of "oh shit!" moments, the tense and agonizing chemistry between the characters, and self-awareness, You're Next is a familiar yet refreshing film. Set around a family reunion set in a desolate house in the woods, the family must fight for survival as they are terrorized (and brutally murdered in pretty entertaining ways) by three men in plastic animal masks. OH! There's also a twist at the end that will give you the biggest grin you've had watching a movie in quite some time.

3: Let The Right One In- This Swedish classic (which is the inspiration behind the fantastic Let Me In) is about a 12 year old girl who struggles with the lonely life of being a vampire, until she meets a misfit boy who completely falls for her. Romantic, brooding, and unsettling, Let The Right One In is the vampire film that makes it's viewers feel the isolation of it's characters.

4: The Devil's Rejects- From the psychotic and brutal mind of Rob Zombie, The Devil's Rejects is the result of a western film and a horror film having a baby together. A manhunt has been set for 3 survivors of a murderous family of hillbillies (think Charles Manson meets Leatherface), and the events that transpire during the manhunt are unbelievably sinister and brutal. Give this a watch if you want something with a real feel and incredibly twisted characters.

5: Human Centipede 2- While the first one is definitely a cult classic in the horror community, Human Centipede 2 is the more bat-shit crazy of the two. This film is about a mentally challenged parking garage attendant who becomes sexually obsessed with the first Human Centipede film, and decides he wants to make an even larger centipede on his own. Some highlights include: a man getting his face bashed in with a crowbar, masturbation with sandpaper, a woman squishing a newborn baby under a gas pedal, and there are many more. I know that this movie sounds terrible. You're right, it is. But it will freak you out and make you feel more uneasy than any other film you have ever seen. It meets the goal that every horror movie tries to meet.

So there you have it! 先生Sensei's Netflix Top 5 For Horror Lovers. Comment below if you have other suggestions or if you think my top 5 is totally wrong, and check back next week for another Netflix Top 5!


-Sebastian Schielie


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