For the first installment of our "Netflix Top 5 For..."  I decided to choose all the most enjoyable films that are completely out there. From love-sick phone sex customers to outright insane horror scenarios, here is this week's Netflix Top 5 For Weirdos!


1: Frank- Starring Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Domhnall Gleeson, Frank is a film about an aspiring musician who, under the most depressing circumstances, becomes part of a band called The Soronprfbs (yes, I spelled that correctly). Frank, played wonderfully by Fassbender, is the mysterious leader and front man of The Soronprfbs who wears an oversized paper mache head. Filled with dark humor, oddly catchy tunes recorded by the actors themselves, and enough charm to make you want to go out to find your own mysterious group of friends, Frank is perfect for weirdos or those looking for something from left-field.

2: The One I Love- Time to kick it up a notch. Let's get weird. Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass star in The One I Love, a romance film straight out of The Twilight Zone. Our two main characters (and really, the ONLY characters) play a troubled married couple who go to a wonderful vacation home for a weekend to rekindle their flame. Once at the vacation home, they discover that the guest house in the backyard houses what both of them truly want: better versions of each other. That's about all I can give away without spoiling the surprise. If you're looking for a completely out there drama full of wonder and mystery, and you're wanting to take care of that itch for something a little off beat and strange. check out The One I Love.

3: Punch Drunk Love- I'm not sure what's more odd. The plot of this movie, or the fact that Adam Sandler's performance in this film led him to his only Golden Globe nomination. Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman star in this romantic comedy about a psychologically troubled novelty supplier who is being pushed into romance with a wonderful English woman, while all the while being extorted by a mattress salesman who also runs a phone sex operation on the side. The humor and pure wit in this movie is truly spectacular, and there are enough "What the fuck?" moments to keep you watching until the satisfying conclusion.

4: Super- "Shut up, crime!" Rainn Wilson and Ellen Paige star in this wacky film about vengeful amateur vigilantes. It's not a rip off of Kick-Ass, but instead a much more dark and odd comedy. Tenticle hallucinations, visions of God, drug dealers, and brutal violence all mix with smart comedy to create Super. A superhero movie for those of us that want something a little bit more... strange.

5: Antichrist: Okay, let me start by saying that this is the strangest film on the list (and also the most difficult to finish). Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg star as the most dysfunctional married couple in the history of cinema. I guarantee this this film is so far out there you won't want to tell anyone that you've watched it. Opening with the most beautifully shot black and white scene I have ever laid eyes on, it takes a turn for the worst when a baby falls to it's death while the main characters are having sex. That's not even 1/8 of how horribly odd this film gets. The couple then decide to vacation to a cabin in the woods where they can forget about their woes. It's at this point that we see the most psychopathic decline between two characters that I've ever witnessed. Talking animals, self harm, hands coming out of trees, and seriously questionable therapy techniques are just the half of it when it comes to how bizzaar this film gets. If you're thinking that you're truly into weird films, ask yourself that question after seeing Antichrist.


That's our first "Netflix Top 5 For"! Comment below if you have any other films you'd add, or if you think my 5 films aren't weird at all. And check out 先生Sensei next week for another list!


-Sebastian Schielie


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