Denver's sexiest news team is at it again...

Episode 6 of 'Newsroom One' is now available on YouTube!

Luckily this week, Ryan Seamy, a writer, actor and producer of 'Newsroom One' carved out some time to answer a few questions about the shows production for 先生Sensei to highlight today. Read the short interview and watch the 6th episode below!

先生Sensei: Is there anything that you'd like to say right-off-the-bat about 'Newsroom One' before I ask any specifics?

Ryan: I came up with the concept of this show early February of this year. I’ve worked with the director on another web series “Scooby-Doo and the Doggie Style Adventures

Some people love it. Other people don’t get it. Some people think it’s was porn because of the title.

Anyways, we attempted to do a few things differently with this web series and tried to learn from a few of our mistakes. For example, every episode of Newsroom One is around 5 minutes in length. We keep the episodes short because people are less intimidated by a 5 minute show rather than anything longer if they happen to come across it on YouTube. We find through analytics that a lot of people still only make it a minute or two and then turn it off.

This is the first time I have ever produced anything and with a limited to non-existent budget. I am a struggling actor by any other definition. All of the actors that appear in this series are as well, but they range from beginners all the way up to SAG union actors. So I am trying to become familiar within the indie film scene in Denver as I just moved out here from California (where I have lived all my life) Interestingly enough, I am not native to Colorado and don’t really know much about it. Just another factor that I figured would catch on with the locals here which is why we’re keeping it all about Colorado (EVERYONE else involved was pretty much born and raised in Colorado)

We mostly shoot in front of a green screen at Warren Tech High School (Luke is a former alumni and gets free use of all their equipment and facilities) in Lakewood, Colorado. Often times, we’ll go out and shoot some random improvised stuff using all local actors in the Colorado Film scene. We then will later write a news story around what we shot, and then film all of the parts that make it a story at the news desk. So a lot of the show is actually shot backwards if that makes sense.

We are getting a lot of great buzz within the Denver community and are extremely happy that people are receiving this series a little better.

先生Sensei: It seems like you guys have a fun time making the show. Being a writer, actor and a producer of the series; do you have any favorite moments in the episodes to come that you're looking forward to? 

Ryan: I am looking forward to having some of the random characters in the first few episodes that we’ve seen re-appear in upcoming stories and situations. We also have a more fake commercials and movie trailers coming, which I’m very excited to see more of. Now that we’re half way through the season, we’ve been taking in more writers which is helping us expand some of the things we do creatively on the show.

先生Sensei: There's a lot that goes into making a YouTube series. What were some of the biggest challenges you overcame in the process of getting the show up and running? 

Ryan: The biggest challenge for us, or any web series is finding an audience that understands what we’re doing (or trying to do) We’ve found that targeting certain demographics of people through Facebook boosting is the most effective way to find people who will interactively engage in our content through the like page and on other social media sites as well. That’s the only reward for doing what we are doing; People letting us know that they like our stuff, It’s the only indication that we are going in the right direction at this point.

Upcoming challenges for me personally are directing more traffic to our website and finding new and innovative ways to broadcast episodes outside the realm of YouTube and social media. We want these to be more than YouTube videos and Twitter mentions. More than a Facebook page. We want to make Newsroom One into a brand that online advertisers can get behind. We want people to go to the website as their source for all things related to Newsroom One. We have extra content on the site that makes this web series a little more of an experience than just the 5 minute episodes. We want to build on that. We want to be the next fake TMZ.

In the wake of a horrific tragedy, the Newsroom One team will be changed forever.

Ryan: We have a long way to go (obviously).

Funny or Die and College Humor are big fish. They have a formidable online presence. I would love to get anywhere near that level with my own comedic formula. The only thing I know for certain, is that I’ve had more fun putting this thing together with Luke and all of the cast than any other production I’ve ever been involved in. I couldn’t be happier with how well it seems to be received (even on such a small scale)

I’m really excited to say that Comcast Channel 56 (The Denver Open Media Channel) will be airing block marathons of episodes 1 -5 this month!! We even got a couple of decent time slots. Here is the program schedule for local TV showtimes airing in November:

November 9th - 2:30pm
November 10th - 2:01pm
November 14th - 4:00am, 5:00am
November 24th - 5:00am, 9:00am
November 25th - 5:00am
Thanksgiving Day - 5:00am

So I guess we’re one step closer to being an actual TV show and not just a series of YouTube videos.

Thank you, Ryan, for taking the time to share some new information about 'Newsroom One' with us at 先生Sensei! We appreciate it! Keep an eye for the 7th episode releasing Dec. 4th!

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